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The jewel and its lamina

AYrolling, between tradition and innovation, for quality seekers

The Italian rolling mill is back in operation in Milan with the same quality and efficiency which has made it world leader in its sector. AYrolling will thereby enrich the range of products offered by AY-TEC, a prestigious company from Arezzo specialised in jewellery processing machinery.

AYrolling combines well-established technology with continuous desire for renewal, proposing sheet and wire rolling mills for the jewellery sector and other sectors, with further improved quality standards. The rolling mills of AYrolling are built entirely in Italy with cutting-edge machinery, able to guarantee maximum precision and quality of details.

The reliability of the finished product, the competitive quality-price ratio, guaranteed after-sales service and availability of spare parts are the strong points of the Italian company.

Through its business philosophy, which attaches paramount importance to customer satisfaction, AYrolling aspires to become your ideal partner.